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MUS 307: History of Rock Music Study Sheet for Exam 1 Exam Date: Mon. Sept. 29 th 2008 READ carefully Ch. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 in the book. And do the accompanied listening for those chapters (following along with the study guides). Also Read pieces 1, 3, and 6 in the reader. Key Genres, People, Terms, Themes, Ideas, Etc. to know in no order of chronology or importance: Genres / Styles: o 1 st American form of pop culture. But very little ‘american’ associated White performers imitated what they considered to be black life in America. This included singing and dancing and theatrical performance as 3 main acts. What the white man thought of negros. o Blackness as an idea was never an innate, biological, esentialized racism. It was constructed by white society and maintained through minstrel shows and performances. It was about getting ahold of power and controlling through the fear and anxiety of desire. o Moral ambiguity It was created to make fun of the blacks but instead the whites were so off it was its own beast. Later blacks took control to ‘use the masters own tools to dismantle his own house’ However it was always contradictory as it was reinforcing stereotypes while trying to bring them down Country Blues (alternative to tin pan alley) o Rural, down home, folk blues that emerged from Mississippi river delta. Based on oral tradition o Blind lemon Jefferson “that black snake moan” o Robert Johnson “crossroad blues” Early Country o New name for hillbilly (country and western) Jazz o Brass bands, ragtime, blues, Mexican military bands Regional, not site specific Occurred at same time as blues, both influenced eachother o Swing (1935-1945)
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o Big Bands Ragtime (joplin) o Predominant form that was the first fusion of all popular music attributes (European, latin, African) Emerged in 1880’s New Orleans and St. Louis mix of cultures such as creole, African, latin o Scott Joplin and “maple leaf rag” Classic Blues (1925) o St. Louis blues w/ W.C Handy, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong with call and response o Seemed to contain all the diverse elements of negro music. But with the smooth appeal of a sense of professional performance o Usually in the woman’s perspective Rhythm and Blues (late 40’s and early 50’s) o Jump band (swing/boogie woogie) o New Orleans (fats domino) o Electric blues o Doo Wop Jump Blues o 1 st successful crossover genre (between white middle class audience and black audience) Boogie woogie / Swing based Louis Jordan and Tympany 5 Tin Pan Alley (1900-1920) o Refers to shows that this these types of songs were originally part of. Used vaudeville singers to sell sheet music
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Exam 1 Review - MUS 307 History of Rock Music Study Sheet...

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