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Myles Becker English 1010 September 26, 2008 “Times Like These” My time in high school was just about as normal as any other high school students. I’d go to school Monday through Friday, attend most athletic games such as football and spend a lot of my time playing high school hockey, hanging out with my friends and as little time as I could studying. I would occasionally sleep in and miss class but always make it up somehow. I wasn’t always the smartest student but I would always get what I needed to get done and get the average grades most students would get. My senior year was a fun year, probably one of the best years of my high school life. I became a lot closer with many of my friends and began to be more active instead of staying home all the time and playing video games or just watching T.V. Our school became much larger this year and had many new students and teachers. One of these teachers was Mr. Delahoz. He was a favorite among many of the students in high school. He was the kind of guy you could just sit with and talk to about almost anything, almost as if he were another student, and he would always help you out with something if you ever needed it. I never had him as a teacher but I started to getting know him through one of my close friends who was in one of his classes. We would occasionally go in his class and just sit down and talk with him for a while about random things when we would get a break from another class. 1
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Grown Up Paper - Becker 1 Myles Becker English 1010 Times...

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