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PSY 101 Review_Sheet_exam1 - Review Sheet Exam#1 This...

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Review Sheet – Exam #1 This review sheet is designed to help you organize your studying. It is not all inclusive – you are responsible for all material covered in the book AND in lecture! Before each exam, you should: read each chapter carefully review lecture notes be familiar with all vocabulary listed at the end of each chapter. Prologue – The Story of Psychology 1) What is psychology? 2) Describe pre-scientific psychology. What were the beliefs of early philosophers regarding the mind-body relationship? 3) For each of the psychological perspectives listed below, know a) the main characteristics of the perspective, and b) the important theorists associated with it: Structuralism and functionalism Behavioral perspective Humanistic perspective Psychodynamic perspective 4) Explain the nature-nurture debate 5) Describe the biopsychosocial approach. What are some examples of biological, psychological, and social-cultural influences? 6) What are some of psychology’s subfields? 7) What is the difference between basic and applied research? Chapter 1 – Thinking Critically with Psychological Science 1) Explain how hindsight bias and overconfidence can make psychological research seem like “common sense.” 2) What are the steps in the scientific method? 3) What is an operational definition? 4) Describe the characteristics of: systematic/naturalistic observations standardized tests interviews/questionnaires experiments case studies 5) What is the difference between a random sample and a biased sample? 6) Be familiar with correlational research, and how it differs from experimental research. What does a correlation coefficient indicate? What are illusory correlations? Remember – correlation does
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PSY 101 Review_Sheet_exam1 - Review Sheet Exam#1 This...

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