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Psy 101 Notes Thursday 10 - -Unique intelligence specific...

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Psy 101 Notes Thursday 10-18-07 Intelligence Ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations. Aspects of Intelligence -Verbal -Logical -Mathematical -Adaptability Aptitude The ability to learn an area or skill Aptitude Test A test designed to predict a person’s future performance Capacity to learn Related Concepts Achievement- how much you have learned School Performance- GPA? Potential- Someone’s estimate of your future achievement level Skill- level at which you demonstrate your knowledge and abilities Theories of Intelligence - One or many? - General or specific - If more than one type of intelligence, how many General Intelligence (g) -Factor that Spearman and others believed underlies specific mental abilites -Measured by every task on an intelligence test Specific Intelligence
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Unformatted text preview: -Unique intelligence specific to a particular area-Uncorreleated to other specific intelligences Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence-Fluid Intelligence- ability to learn new information and new ways of thinking- Crystallized Intelligence- amount of knowledge and information Savant Syndrome- Condition in which a person otherwise limited in mental ability has an exceptional specific skill-computation-drawing Mental Age- Measure of intelligence test performance devised by Binet-chronological age that most typically corresponds to a given level of performance-child who does as well as the avg 8 year old is said to have a mental age of 8 Intelligence Quotient Defined originally as the ratio of mental age (MA) to chronological age (CA) multiplied by 100 IQ= (MA/CA) x 100...
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  • Fluid and crystallized intelligence, -Fluid Intelligence- ability, -Mathematical -Adaptability Aptitude, intelligence test Specific, Related Concepts Achievement

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Psy 101 Notes Thursday 10 - -Unique intelligence specific...

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