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Homeostasis Study Questions (Select the single BEST answer.) 1. Which body system below contributes to homeostasis? A) urinary B) cardiovascular C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 2. Homeostasis is the maintenance of a relatively constant __________ fluid. A) extracellular B) intracellular 3. A negative feedback response __________ the disturbance; a positive feedback response __________ the disturbance. A) reinforces; counteracts B) counteracts; reinforces 4. When blood pressure increases, sensory receptors (pressure monitoring nerve cells) are stimulated and cause a response to ___________ blood pressure. This is an example of ___________ feedback. A) increase, positive B) increase, negative C) decrease, positive D) decrease, negative 5. Negative feedback occurs rarely in the body; it is less common than positive feedback. A) true B) false 6. The intracellular fluid is A) interstitial fluid B) plasma C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 7. In negative feedback control systems, the path from the sensor (receptor) to the control (integrating) center is called the A) afferent pathway B) efferent pathway C) effector 8. Which of the following statements is (are) true about homeostasis? A) Homeostasis is a fixed, completely unchanging state. B) Homeostasis is a dynamic equilibrium in which variables are allowed to fluctuate, but within narrow limits. C) Homeostasis is most often maintained by positive
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Homeostasis_Study_Questions - Homeostasis Study...

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