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Membrane Potentials Study Questions (select the single BEST answer) 1. From the list below, choose all that are in higher concentration outside the cell than inside the cell. 1). Na + 2). K + 3) Cl - 4) proteins A) 2, 3, 4 B) 1, 4 C) 3, 4 D) 2, 3 E) 1, 3 2. For normal human neurons, which of the following is the best match? A) resting membrane potential: +25mV B) hyperpolarization: –45mV C) threshold potential: –55mV D) depolarization: –90mV E) hyperpolarization: +45mV 3. Most of the effect of the Na + K + pump on the resting membrane potential is A) direct B) indirect 4. A drug that blocks K + diffusion would ___________ the cell. A) depolarize B) hyperpolarize 5. A membrane that is permeable to K + but not permeable to protein anions separates two solutions. The concentration of K + is much higher on side 1 than on side 2 and protein anions exist only on side 1. (The only other molecule present in either solution is water.) Which of the following will occur? A) a membrane potential will develop with side 1 more positive than side 2 B) a membrane potential will develop with side 1 more negative than side 2 6. Which of the following is an explanation why resting membrane potential is not quite equal to (is different from) the equilibrium potential for K + ? A) K + leaks out of the cell B) protein anions are trapped in the cell C) some Na + moves into the cell D) A and B 7. At equilibrium potential for K + (E K + ), there _____________ net movement of K + . A) is B) is no 8. During a nerve cell action potential, which of the following causes repolarization of the neuron? A) increased Na + permeability B) increased Na + permeability and increased K + permeability C) decreased Na + permeability and increased K + permeability D) decreased Na + permeability and decreased K + permeability 9. At threshold, ___________________ causes _______________________ permeability which causes_______________ of the neuron. A) hyperpolarization, decreased K + , depolarization B) depolarization, decreased Na + , depolarization C) depolarization, increased Na + , depolarization D) repolarization, increased K + , depolarization E) hyperpolarization, increased Na + , repolarization 10. The greatest number of Na + inactivation gates would be open during which phase of the action potential below? A) repolarization B) depolarization 11. A subthreshold stimulus will cause A) a graded potential B) an action potential C) both A and B 12. The stronger the stimulus, the bigger (or the greater the magnitude of) the action potential. A) true B) false 13. The Na + K + pump needs to restore ion concentrations after a single action potential has occurred before another action potential can occur. A) true
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Membrane_Potentials_Study_Questions - Membrane Potentials...

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