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chandra_324_hw3_soln - Solution for ME324 HW#3 1 SOLUTION...

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Solution for ME324 HW #3 1. SOLUTION Advantage: The major advantage of insert is the ability for rapid change of the cutting edge. If a machine tool is not equipped to be used with inserts, tool change is complicated and time consum- ing, even if a replacement cutting tool is available. With inserts, a number of cutting edges are available on each tool, so that the insert merely needs to be indexed. Also, since inserts are clamped in place relatively easily, they allow quick setups. Limitation: There are no significant limitations to insert other than the fact that they require spe- cial tool holders, and that they should be clamped properly.Although not as commonly used, inserts may be brazed to the tool shank. However, because of the difference in thermal expansion between the insert and the tool shank materials, brazing must be done carefully to avoid cracking or warping. 2. SOLUTION From Taylor tool-life equation , it can be seen that tool wear increases rapidly with increasing speed.
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