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01.04 COLONIAL REGIONS ADVANCED Rice production would be a great business opportunity for the Southern regions. It would benefit the Southern people, like in Virginia, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas. The needed resources and labor available are rich soil, tobacco, rice, cotton, and indentured servants. The region best suited for this is the Southern colonies, and geography plays a role in my selection by the fertile soil in the Southern regions. All of this was in 1730, when the Southern people were great at harvesting and planting rice. This region matches perfectly with rice production because in the Southern areas, there was a lot of fertile soil, which was suitable for farming and harvesting cash crops. So, they obliged the slaves to work there and produce rice in the colonial farms. Furthermore, trade is an ideal business opportunity for the New England colonies. The people living in New England regions would be the ones who benefit from trading the most. They had access to the ocean easily and ships
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