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Comm 202 Midterm 1 Notes A

Comm 202 Midterm 1 Notes A - Comm202...

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Comm 202 8/29/07 www.usc.edu/~douglast/202/ Course reader from Magic Machine. Assignment 1: www.eff.org Course Introduction and Syl- labus Review Readings: None Theories of Communication Technology Since technological generations succeed each other, the man of the written word (books, the press) can no more recognize his son of the screen generation (cinema, televi- sion) that the latter can recognize his own vid-kid, prey to the tyranny of video. -Paul Virilio The essence of technology is in no way technological. -Martin Heidegger - what are we doing for ourselves using tech- nology. Our discussion of Communication Technologies will take place in three parts: 1. Basic Understandings of What Technology is 2. Visions of Technology (Utopias and Dystopias) 3. Impact of Technology on our Lives
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Comm 202 Fundamentals of New Communication Technology Computers in the future may weight no more than 1.5 tons -Popular Mechanics, 1949 There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home
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