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Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle Study Questions (select the single BEST answer) 1. Which of the following causes the cross bridges of myosin to attach to actin in smooth muscle? A) dephosphoryation of myosin by a phosphatase B) phosphorylation of myosin C) Ca ++ binding to troponin D) Ca ++ binding to tropomyosin E) Ca ++ binding directly to actin 2. Both smooth muscle and skeletal muscle cells A) require neural stimulation to alter contractile activity B) can develop tension when stretched 3 times normal length C) contain T tubules D) contain myofilaments E) none of these 3. Multiunit smooth muscle A) is innervated by the autonomic nervous system B) is found in the walls of hollow organs like the uterus and the gut C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 4. An action potential must occur in smooth muscle before it can contract. A) true B) false 5. The Ca ++ which triggers smooth muscle contraction is from which source? A) the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) B) the extracellular fluid (ECF) C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 6. Compared to skeletal muscle, smooth muscle has much shorter twitches. A) true B) false 7. Smooth muscle contraction can be caused by A) hormones B) stretch C) local chemicals D) A and C E) A, B, and C 8. Cardiac muscle has which of the following? A) sarcomeres B) gap junctions C) autonomic nervous system innervation D) A and C E) A, B, and C 9. Pacemaker potentials occur in which type of muscle? A) single unit smooth muscle B) cardiac muscle C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 10. Local factors can affect the contraction of certain smooth muscle cells. A) true B) false 11. Skeletal muscle (rather than smooth muscle) surrounds hollow organs because skeletal
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Smooth_Muscle_and_Cardiac_Muscle_Study_Q - Smooth Muscle...

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