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What You Should Have Gotten Out of the Muscles Lecture or Learning Objectives for the Muscles Lecture Motor neurons release a chemical (ACh) to cause skeletal muscles to contract. There are similarities and differences between the neuromuscular junction and the synapse. 1. Describe the neuromuscular junction. Describe voluntary and involuntary skeletal muscle control. a. Understand how the message gets across the space between the somatic motor neuron and the muscle fiber. Know the events from the action potential in the somatic motor neuron axon terminal to an action potential in the muscle cell membrane. b. Define motor end plate. Describe the end plate potential. c. Review the function of acetylcholinesterase. d. Describe how each of the following affects transmission at the neuromuscular junction (as discussed in class): curare, black widow spider venom, botulism toxin, nerve gases and insecticides (acetylcholinesterase inhibitors), myasthenia gravis. Muscle cells contain specialized structures for contraction.
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