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TO: Mr. President FROM: Michael Lane SUBJECT: Fund-Raising Project DATE: 11/14/07 After going over the financial situation for our fund-raiser, it seems as if we will greatly benefit from it. I used Excel to compare different prices, different numbers, and got different results. Included, we would need to have food, and hire the SRR group. I’d like to go over two different examples of how we can better benefit from this fund-raiser. My first proposition is the one I think we would benefit from the most, at a reasonable price to our guests: If we sell 200 tickets, at $20 each, $1,600 for food, and hire Shake, Rattle, and Roll, we will be profiting $2,000.
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Unformatted text preview: Ticket Cost # Sold Revenue Per Person Food Total Food Cost Hire SRR Profits $20 200 $4,000 $8 $1,600 $400 $2,000 On the other hand, if we were to stick with selling tickets at $15 each, we would only be profiting $1,000. Subtracting Total Cost from Revenue, our total profits would be a merely $1,000. Tickets Sold Revenue Hire SRR Food Cost Total Cost Total Profit 280 4200 400 2800 3200 1000 With my analysis, I recommend our fund-raiser charging $20 per person, 200 people, so we can double our profits if we had stuck to $15 a person. It will benefit us greatly, and it is only $5 more. Thank You, Michael Lane...
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