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What You Should Have Gotten Out of the Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle Lecture or Learning Objectives for the Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle Lecture Smooth muscle cells are smaller than skeletal muscle cells. Smooth muscle has myofilaments but they are not arranged the same way they are in skeletal muscle. Activation of the cross bridges (which allows myosin to bind to actin) is different in smooth muscle (compared to skelelal muscle). 1. Describe smooth muscle including the following: a. Describe location, know the examples of smooth muscle given, innervation, anatomy (including size, shape lack of striations, myofibrils, and sarcomeres). b. Describe the arrangement of myofilaments. Know differences in myofilaments of smooth muscle compared to skeletal muscle (length of myosin filament, where actin is anchored, filament orientation to the cell, i.e. diagonal). Describe the mechanism for contraction and cross bridge activation. Is troponin present? (Note: cross bridge activation means myosin can bind actin and then cross
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What_You_Should_Have_Gotten_Out_of_the_S - What You Should...

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