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What You Should Have Gotten Out of the Cardiac Physiology Lecture or Learning Objectives for the Cardiac Physiology Lecture The heart is a double pump – it pumps blood into the pulmonary and systemic circuits. 1. Know the 3 layers of the heart. Know the layers of the pericardium, their locations, and the function of the serous fluid between them. Know the other name for the visceral pericardium. Understand systemic and pulmonary circulation, the chambers of the heart, flow of blood through the heart, heart valve names and locations and coronary circulation as presented in class. Know the function of the valves. The heart can beat on its own – it spontaneously generates its own impulses which cause contraction. 2. Understand the function of gap junctions in the heart. Define functional syncytium, know the 2 in the heart, and know what separates the 2 in the heart. Know the “link to the ventricles”. 3. Describe the heart’s autorhythmicity. Describe the inherent rate. Explain why the normal heart rate is not equal to the inherent rate. Understand how the pacemaker potential is affected by the 2 divisions of the ANS (that is, what parasympathetic/ sympathetic impulses do to slope of the pacemaker potential and how that affects the time it takes to reach threshold). 4. Understand why the SA node is the pacemaker of a normal heart and what happens if it’s damaged (what would the new heart rate be?). The cardiac muscle action potential is different.
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Cardiac_Physiology_Objectives - What You Should Have Gotten...

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