8.24 Notes - 8-24 2 levels of theory Theory as an correcting

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Unformatted text preview: 8-24 2 levels of theory Theory as an correcting "perspective" o Main theories: functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interaction 1. Functionalism a. Sees society as an organic unit b. Assumes that many social practices contribute to the survival of society c. Emphasis on consensus- shared values and norms 2. Conflict Theory a. Society is arena for struggle b. Explores how some come to dominate others c. Emphasis on conflict over values, norms, and resources 3. Symbolic Interactions a. Emphasizes the social construction of meaning b. Sees social life as constantly negotiated and created -Functionalism- on family -Family as key to caring for and socializing young -Family regulates sexuality -Conflict theory on family -Family forms as contentions -Family as a possible facilitation of oppression -Symbolic interaction -Evolving notions of being a "father" or "mother" -How "suppertime" is understood and enacted Mid Level Theory------more concrete o Less emphasis on big picture issues o More attention to particular forms of behavior o Ex. Specific deterrent effects of arrest for domestic abuse Basic logic of investigation o Deductive vs. inductive approaches Begin with general interest in some social setting Gather data to explore general interests End with extensive description along with some theory and proposition Common with little studied topics Example: book on high level drug smuggling -4 main research designs-plan for obtaining evidence 1. Secondary analysis -Making use of evidence that's already been collected ---public records -Already completed surveys---1000s available for public use -Existing cultural artifacts- TV shows, music 2. Surveys -2 aspects Selecting cases Asking questions -Random sampling -Convenient sampling -Answers to questions can be influenced by: 1. Wording 2. Framing 3. Setting ...
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8.24 Notes - 8-24 2 levels of theory Theory as an correcting

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