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10.24.06 Notes 2. Statistical discrimination a. Use of group averages in a way that produces harmful treatment i. Averages can be correct or incorrect ii. Need not involve prejudice iii. Example: an employer who believes that women miss more work than men refuses to hire women 1. Problem: a persons traits are overlooked and they are held liable for perceived “group” traits 3. Institutional Discrimination a. Based on broad and entrenched patterns in culture and social structure b. Not individual in focus c. Examples: legacy admissions, lending practices, school quality 4. Example studies of Prejudice, Discrimination, and Ethnicity a. Richard LaPiere’s “attitudes vs. actions” i. Context: 1. A classic piece published in 1934 2. A time of increasing interest in the study of social attitudes ii. Question: What is the relationship between attitudes and action? 1. Prejudice/Discrimination iii. 2 Stage Method: 1. Field Observations a. Observe treatment of a young married native- Chinese couple
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10.24.06 notes - 10.24.06 Notes 2 Statistical...

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