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11.07.06 notes - 22 3 Women 25-29 19 40 i 35-39 7 14 b Rise...

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11.07.06 Notes Topic 10 Marriage and Family 1. Basic definitions a. What is family? Set of people who. . i. Are related by blood, marriage, or adoption ii. Share primary responsibility for reproduction and care of members of society b. 3 things to note i. Stunningly broad as a definition ii. Emotional bonds are not essential iii. Key idea: sociological definitions as analytical, not based upon personal views 2. Basic Definitions of Marriage: a. A socially recognized, legitimized, and supported union of individuals of opposite sexes. b. 3 things to note: i. cultural context as key: “socially recognized, legitimized, and supported union” ii. undergoing change: the matter if same sex marriages iii. as with “family”: emotional bonds are not essential 3. Recent trends in marriage and the family a. Postponement an decline of marriage i. Median age of first marriage 1. 1950 2003 ii. Men 22.8 27.1 iii. Women 20.3 25.3 iv. Percent “never Married” 1. Sex Age 1970 2003 2. Men 25-29 11% 55% i. 35-39 5%
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Unformatted text preview: 22% 3. Women 25-29 19% 40% i. 35-39 7% 14% b. Rise of Cohabitation i. Cohabitation is couples living together as partners outside of marriage 1. Difficult to get solid evidence 2. Housemates and friends: not quite cohabiters, but easily confused as such. 3. Reluctance to reveal such partnerships in an official way 4. A historical tendency to overlook same sex partners 5. 41% of women aged 15-44 have cohabited at some point 6. change over time a. 1990-2000: 72% increase b. 1960-2000: 900% increase ii. Who does it? 1. 55% are under age 35 2. 50% have been married before 3. 41% have children under age of 18 iii. What happens to different sex partnerships 5 years past the move in date? 1. 55% get married 2. 35% break up 3. 10% remain cohabitators iv. Implications for marital bliss? 1. General method: a. Compare couples who did and did not cohabitate with their spouse prior to marriage....
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11.07.06 notes - 22 3 Women 25-29 19 40 i 35-39 7 14 b Rise...

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