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TEAM MEMBER PEER EVALUATION (CONFIDENTIAL) Use this form to evaluate the contribution of A PROBLEM member of your team. This is not a popularity rating, or a measure of a person's intelligence or IQ. It is simply a measure of the team member's LEVEL OF PARTICIPATION in the project. In other words, did they participate as a full and contributing member of the team? Did they pull their fair share of the work? Did they meet deadlines? Are they attending and contributing to all team meetings? If a team member is not giving 110% effort, regardless of the reasons, they should not share equally in the grade the team receives for the project. Please take this evaluation seriously, and be honest. Protecting a team member who is not doing their fair share hurts you in the short run, but hurts the person not doing their share in the long run, if they get away with it. PERSON BEING EVALUATED _________________________ TEAM ___________ DATE _________ COLUMN # 1 COLUMN # 2 COL. # 3 SCORE RATING
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