CSC226 Homework 1

CSC226 Homework 1 - Homework 1- CSC 224/226

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Homework 1- CSC 224/226 (Homework) OCAMPO PAMELA MARLENE CSC 226, section 001, Fall 2008 Instructor: Jeff Ligon Web Assign Current Score: 117.625 out of 117.625 Due: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 11:59 PM EDT Description Read the question and instructions carefully. Instructions Homework Assignment 1 The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made. Extensions are no longer available for this assignment. (Automatic Extensions are only available within 7 days of the assignment due date.) View Key 1. --/0 points GENERAL TIPS ON WEBASSIGN! Use the * symbol for AND and the + symbol for OR Use A for "For all" and E for "There exists" Please use square brackets [] instead of curly braces {} for sets Note that Ø is the null or empty set, Ø = {}. Use [] in answers. Here is the axiom list If an answer Does Not Exist please put DNE in the answer blank 2. 10/10 points The following tables lists all the possible output functions of two variables, p and q. Five of these fu labeled: p * -p , p * q, p * -q, -p * q, -p * -q. These five functions can be combined using the OR ope create any of the possible outputs. For example, the output function 0011 can be created by ORing * q) . Write propositional statements for each of the output functions below in this form, which is cal disjunctive normal form . Use the format (p*q)+(p*-q) where p is on the left and q is on the right a Homework 1- CSC 224/226 ..
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CSC226 Homework 1 - Homework 1- CSC 224/226

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