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Research Requirement blue sheet Fall 2008

Research Requirement blue sheet Fall 2008 - GENERAL...

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GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH REQUIREMENT All students enrolled in General Psychology are required to fulfill a research requirement by earning SEVEN research credits. The purpose of this requirement is for students to receive exposure to research methods used by psychologists. Students failing to complete this requirement will receive an "I" for the course. (Please note that a student failing the course who does not complete this requirement will receive an "F". ) Once an "I" has been given, the student has 12 weeks to complete the requirement. After the 12- week period has passed, the "I" will automatically change to an "F". Grade changes after this 12-week period may be impossible. THERE ARE THREE WAYS TO EARN RESEARCH CREDITS TO SATISFY THIS REQUIREMENT: OPTION 1: Research Participation . Students may choose to participate in a research experiment conducted by the faculty and graduate students of the Department of Psychology. In this way students will experience firsthand what it is like to actually participate in a research study. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any research studies. To sign up for experiments, you must register on the Department's Experimetrix system, located on the Web at http://experimetrix.com/uark Instructions for how to register and use Experimetrix to sign up for experiments appear later in this document. You may not participate in the same experiment more than once for credit. In general, one credit is earned for one hour of participation in a research experiment . Thus, if you sign up for a 1/2-credit experiment, you can expect that it will take approximately 1/2 hour of your time. Experimetrix will keep track of your credits – those that have been recorded and those that are "pending." PLEASE DO NOT MISS AN EXPERIMENT! If you are unable to attend an experiment for which you signed up, use Experimetrix to cancel your appointment. If you miss an experiment and do not cancel before the scheduled session, you will be charged with a "No Show" and will lose the opportunity for a Bonus Credit (see below).
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