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PowerPoint Project Requirements/Correction Sheet Spring 2008 IRT Section : ______ Date : _______ NAME :__________________________________ Topic : _____________________________________ Once I have approved your storyboard, start to create your PowerPoint presentation. Make sure that you add the following PowerPoint features. Please read all requirements before you begin. Submission: will be on a CD. I will provide directions on how to put your presentation on a CD in one of our next classes. Please use a sharpie to clearly mark your name on the CD. This correction sheet must accompany your CD. Required Item Note: Points Grade Storyboard carefully done and approved 15 Title slide clearly identifies topic and includes  a .wav file of your own voice , introducing the  presentation. 10 Slides have appropriate amount of bulleted  text; not long paragraphs  Organization of Slides – makes sense, well  thought out – Introduction, Body,  Conclusion, “professional, well organized”;  enough information; enough slides to provide 
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Unformatted text preview: smooth transition from one segment to the next. 40 Use of at least one link within the presentation to a web site offering info on your topic. 5 Optional video – may be a hyperlink to a web site that plays the video or linked to an actual video file that you are able to obtain, e.g. a new clip. Optional A Design Template of your choice use one throughout the presentation 5 Transition effect on all slides use one throughout the presentation 5 Animation effect on bulleted items for at least 1slide where appropriate 5 Animate one graphic. 5 Graphics where appropriate, e.g. photos, clipart, charts Keep it looking professional 5 File copied to CD using “Package for CD” procedure. 5 Total Points 100 INSTRUCTOR COMMENTS: DUE DATE: Is Tuesday, September 30, 2008 on a CD - in a jewel case. Your name must be written on the...
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