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short essay 1 assignment

short essay 1 assignment - was not the only thing that was...

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Chirayu Patel Prof. Wildman Short Essay 2 Assignment October 2, 2008 Olden Gold As the chilly wind of fall swifts through the car ride, the Gills are going to Maine on a family trip for the weekend. As they arrive to their camp site, the sun was starting to set and the weather was getting cold, and the Gills quickly realized that it was crucial to be together, and work quickly as a family. The family started to work together setting up the tent and unloading the car. There teamwork helped the process move quickly so that after they set it up, they were able to go in the woods to explore, and then they played a game of football. As they head back to their camp site, the mother and the daughter prepared the dinner; the guys are chopping firewood for the night. The father teaches his son the process involved in starting a fire. On the other hand the mother and daughter are making pasta salad, and roasted chicken. After, they gathered around the fire telling scary stories, smiling and laughing, and enjoying the great food. The fire
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Unformatted text preview: was not the only thing that was producing warmth, but it was the family’s unconditional love for one another. Afterward, they sit and watch the moon and star glow, and then went to sleep for the night. The next day was the last day for them, and the weather was abnormally warm. They had planned more fun and bonding activities. First, they jumped in the lake to take showers; the mother was putting breakfast on the table and packing all the equipment for the rest of the day. As they walk the trails of nature and they see wildlife; they inhaled the fresh scent of a warm fall day, they then saw how beautiful nature was, and felt a connection to the earth. The family worked hard, and together they made the trip fun and unique. However, nothing was better than the quality time they spent with one another, bringing them all closer as a family...
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