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Patel 1 Chirayu Patel Prof. Enos Response Paper 1 October 3, 2008 What determines whether students are successful or not? How much support do they receive from family members or school faculty? What kind of social environment do they grow up in? How does the academic gap that exists between private schools and public schools affect a student’s ability to excel? A student must overcome various challenges both in today’s school system and within the social environment in order to be successful as the struggle of high school student Cedric evidence. In the book The Hope in the Unseen by Ron Suskind, the character Cedric faces many of these challenges. The state of academic success is defined by how students are ranked within their class, the quality of their education, positive parental support, and self motivation. Cedric, student at Frank W. Ballou High School is determined to achieve academic success. Cedric was one of the top students in his class. Although many of the students at Ballou were unmotivated by academic studies Cedric remained focused. At Cedric’s school academic success was frowned upon as many students were too afraid to stand out at their school and be considered smart. Drug dealing and gangs were the constant trend at Ballou. Cedric was in this type of environment everyday; however, rather than succumbing to the pressure he was motivated to do well so he could one day get out of the unpromising world he lived in. His core support came from his mother, Barbara. She worked day and night and had very little money to spend on food and rent. Her greatest strength was her support for the church, in which she participated weekly. She was very kind and loved to donate twenty dollars a week to the church, even though she didn’t have
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Patel 2 enough money. She also decided to move to a safer place in town for her children. Every day, she would come home late and Cedric would have to prepare food for his siblings. Cedric had many responsibilities, especially when his father wasn’t around to help out the family. These responsibilities, though unfair for such a young boy, forced him to stay focused and motivated. He also had his father image as a role-model of what he would never want to be. His father was in jail for much of Cedric’s childhood. This influenced Cedric to be more proactive and motivated. He became more engaged in his school work, he took extra steps to wake up early everyday to study, asked questions, and took SAT practice exams
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response paper 1 - Patel 1 Chirayu Patel Prof. Enos...

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