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Patel 1 Chirayu Patel Professor Enos SOC 250 October, 6 2008 Is Conscientious Consumerism Creating Social Change Everyday, people in the United States buy products made in other countries. Products such as food, clothes, flowers, etc. are being produced in other countries and shipped to our local stores for resale. However, how often do we think about how those products are being made, or what conditions workers are under while making these products that we use on a daily basis? More recently with the start of the “go green” campaign people have been more conscious about where and how these products are made and are now asking if these products are being made in dangerous conditions that could harm our world. ? Mireya Navarro wrote ites “To Pull a Thorn From the Side of the Planet, ” an article in which she educates her audience on where the majority of roses sold in the United States comes from and what conditions the workers endure to provide it for us. Likewise, Amy Stuart’s “Pick Your Poison” articles describes how tough her mom’s work-life was and how she would never want to support buying products from another “mom” who could be working for a company under harmful conditions. This idea of conscientious consumerism is what will change the way people buy products –thus becoming the ultimate factor deciding what kinds of products will be in higher demand. Navarro states many different problems and possible solutions in her article. She questions the conditions of those workers in places like Colombia and Ecuador who are working long hard days for pennies unlike that of what they are being sold for in the United States. Among those workers are people of all ages who are struggling to support themselves and their families. People working in this industry are being exposed to many chemicals and pesticides that are used to keep disease and bacteria off roses. This direct exposure to chemicals and
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Patel 2 pesticides has led to many illnesses such as headaches, rashes, and some workers children are being born with birth
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response paper 2 - Patel 1 Chirayu Patel Professor Enos SOC...

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