ISS 210 September 9 - ISS 210 September 9, 2008 Q:...

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ISS 210 September 9, 2008 Q: Consistency works strongest under all but which of the following conditions? 1. commitment (act of taking a stand; consistency of commitment to something increases consistency) 2. internalization (self examination; internalization of certain values creates consistency) 3. identification (identification of yourself within something else creates consistency) 4. external reward (behavior subject to reward increases consistency; in regard to above, not as much of an increase though) 5. personally significant (in areas of personal significance one will tend to ignore the pressure from others and continue behavioral consistency of self) UNCERTAINTY Authority: under conditions of authority, increase in consistency; lack of self decision and behavioral consistency result; dynamics of authority and commitment collaborate—hard to differ between the two b/c thin line between when commitment to something or concession to authority come into effect Agency: we are an instrument of another; as long as I am acting for you I am not responsible for what I do; suspension (shift) of morality and situational ethics result in decrease of consistency under these circumstances; narrow focus with hierarchy of command/control of power; fragmentation of the task (sociologically escape responsibility for task at hand if morally demeaning) resulting in the action no longer reflecting self Social proof: when not sure what to do we tend to look to others in the same situation for an appropriate model of behavior; we judge propriety based upon what others do ISS 210 September 11, 2008 Q: When one complies with authority : 1. The relevant stimulus field broadens (what applies directly to what you are doing; all
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ISS 210 September 9 - ISS 210 September 9, 2008 Q:...

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