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ANT 112 Lecture 1 - Week Two: The Essence of Anthropology...

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Week Two: The Essence of Anthropology Lecture Outline and Notes A. Introduction: What is anthropology? Definitions – A very broad, all encompassing study of human beings. Cultural anthropology is only one small part of the broad spectrum of anthropology. greek roots – anthro = man/human beings/humanity. ology = the study or science of Subject matter – All aspects of all human beings who live now or who have ever lived. The totality of human social and biological history and prehistory. Anything human beings think, or do, or make, all of their past activities, their social and biological evolution, and their ecological interrelationships to the rest of the natural world. Examples of major research areas – The complete picture of the human species: psychology, sociology, ecology, political science, theology, philosophy: Marriage systems (every society has some way of marking formal unions, defines status) Kinship systems (social structure, refers to relatives, how you identify and attach labels like uncle or cousin. The degree that these labels affect social interactions) Family systems (what constitutes a family, groupings or related couples to create a larger complex family, not just the nuclear family of today) Psychological patterns
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ANT 112 Lecture 1 - Week Two: The Essence of Anthropology...

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