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What You Should Have Gotten Out of the Fluid and Ion Balance Lecture or Learning Objectives for the Fluid and Ion Balance Lecture The regulator of water intake is thirst. The regulator of water output is urinary loss. Osmoreceptors are stimulated with increased osmolarity, which stimulates thirst and ADH (vasopressin) secretion. ADH reduces water loss in the urine; thirst causes drinking and replacement of lost water. Cardiovascular baroreceptors also affect ADH release and thirst (but osmoreceptor input is more important under normal conditions). 1. Describe water balance (include a description of gains or water input). Describe how water intake is regulated. Describe how changes (increases and decreases) in ECF osmolarity affect the thirst center. Describe the “cardiovascular baroreceptors” and the effect of a substantial decrease in blood volume on the thirst center. Describe water output (4 routes, include a description of “insensible loss”) and which is the regulated water output to maintain water balance. Understand how changes (increases and decreases) in osmolarity of the ECF affect the osmoreceptors, ADH secretion, water reabsorption in the kidneys, and water loss in the urine. Describe how CV baroreceptors affect ADH secretion. Know ADH = vasopressin and this hormone’s effect on arterioles and TPR. Describe the effect of loss of blood volume (in hemorrhage) on activity of CV baroreceptors, ADH, thirst, and TPR and how
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What_You_Should_Have_Gotten_Out_of_the_F - What You Should...

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