Bacterial Classification Determinative

Bacterial Classification Determinative - Kingdom Monera...

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Kingdom Monera Domain Eubacteria Division I: Gracilicutes Class Description Section/Family Representative Genus Oxyphotobacteria AEROBIC photosynthesizers - Oscillatoria Anoxyphotobacteria Scotobacteria Non-photosynthetic bacteria Family Spirillaceae Family Vibrionaceae Chemoautotrophs Domain Eubacteria Division II: Firmicutes Class Description Family/Section Representative Genus ANAEROBIC photosynthesizers Green and Purple Sulfur Bacteria Chlorobium (green) Chromatium (purple) Green and Purple Non- Sulfur Bacteria Chloroflexus (green) Rhodospirillum (purple) Family Spirochaetaceae (The Spirochetes) Treponema - cause syphilis Borrelia - causes Lyme Disease Helicobacter - causes stomach ulcers Vibrio - causes Cholera Family Enterobacteriaceae (The Enterics) Excherichia(coli) -large part of normal microbiota, can cause food poisoning Salmonella - causes food poisoning and typhoid fever Shigella - causes dysentery Klebsiella - may cause bacterial pneumonia Serratia - may cause nosocomial infections
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Bacterial Classification Determinative - Kingdom Monera...

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