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What You Should Have Gotten Out of the Renal Physiology Lecture or Learning Objectives for Renal Physiology Plasma minus its proteins filters through the glomerulus. The 3 layers that the filtrate must pass through act collectively as a sieve. The filtrate becomes tubule fluid and is then altered by reabsorption – removal of substances back into the blood and secretion- adding substances into the tubule fluid from the blood. 1. Describe the nephron (include functional unit of kidney, how many in each kidney). Know nephron anatomy, as described in class (include glomerulus, afferent arteriole, efferent arteriole, Bowman’s capsule and 2 layers of Bowman’s capsule, proximal tubule, descending and ascending limbs of the loop of Henle, distal tubule, collecting tubule/duct. What’s the fluid that drips from the collecting duct? How is it “plumbed out” past the collecting duct? 2. Describe the functions of the kidney covered in class. 3. Understand the 3 basic renal processes (This is IMPORTANT, much of the rest relies on understanding this!). Describe the glomerular filtrate (compare to plasma). Describe the 3 layers the filtrate must go through and how they act collectively. Describe tubular reabsorption and tubular secretion. Note the direction of movement of substances in tubular reabsorption and tubular secretion. Understand tubular secretion as a way substances can be added to the original filtrate. More fluid filters through the glomerulus than “typical” capillaries.
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What_You_Should_Have_Gotten_Out_of_the_Renal - What You...

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