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Lab 25 Notes & Prelab - Sarah Song BIO 205.33 Food...

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Sarah Song May 6, 2008 BIO 205.33 Lab 25 PCR I and II: Detecting GMOs in Food Lab Preparation 3. What is a GMO and how can you test a food to find out if it contains material derived from a genetically modified organism (GMO)? A GMO is a genetically modified organism which has had genes for selected traits placed into its DNA. A food can be tested using ELISA or PCR. 4. In what organelles if plant DNA located? Plant DNA is located in the nucleus. 5. Many foods containing GM crops are highly processed. Can you suggest how DNA from who plants may differ from that extracted from processed foods, e.g., corn, chips, cornmeal, etc.? If the organism is the same, then the DNA should be the same. However, there can be DNA from other organisms as well because they are present in the food. 6. What molecules are present in the cell that might interfere with DNA extraction? Deoxyribonuclease (DNases) enzymes that can degrade the DNA are present. 7. Why do you also perform analysis on food that is known to be a non-GMO food control? This is done for comparison to see if the target DNA has been genetically modified. 8. Why must you prevent contamination of your non-GMO food and DNA with that of your GMO-containing food and DNA? If the non-GMO food is contaminated, then it cannot be used for comparison with the GMO- containing food and we won’t be able to tell if the sample has been genetically modified. 9.
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Lab 25 Notes & Prelab - Sarah Song BIO 205.33 Food...

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