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BIO 202 Notes Lecture 7: Enzymes and regulation of enzymes Chapter 8: An Introduction to Metabolism 1. 8.5 Regulation of enzyme activity helps control metabolism 1. All of a cell’s metabolic pathways cannot operate simultaneously: chaos if they did 1. Metabolic pathways are regulated by when are where its enzymes are active 1. Genes that encode specific enzymes can be switched on and off 2. The activity of enzymes can be regulated once they’re made 2. Allosteric Regulation of Enzymes 1. A protein’s function at one site is affected by the binding of a regulatory molecule to a separate site (like a reversible noncompetitive inhibitor) 1. Inhibition or stimulation of an enzyme’s activity 2. Allosteric Activation and Inhibition 1. Most allosterically regulated enzymes are constructed from subunits (two or more polypeptide chains) 1. Each subunit has its own active site 2. Subunits are fit together so that a conformational change in one is transmitted to all 2. Whole enzyme oscillates between two conformational states
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