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Lecture 8 Notes - BIO 202 Notes Lecture 8 Energy in biology...

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BIO 202 Notes Lecture 8: Energy in biology, ATP Chapter 8: An Introduction to Metabolism 1. 8.1 An organism’s metabolism transforms matter and energy, subject 2 the laws of thermodynamics 1. Metabolism: totality of an organism’s chemical reactions 2. Organization of the Chemistry of Life into Metabolic Pathways 1. Metabolic pathway: a specific molecule is altered in a series of defined steps, resulting in a certain product 1. Each step is catalyzed by a specific enzyme 2. Catabolic pathways: a.k.a. breakdown pathways: release energy by breaking down complex molecules to simpler compounds 1. Cellular respiration: glucose and other organic fuels + O 2 CO 2 + H 2 O 2. Energy becomes available to do the work of the cell 3. Anabolic pathways: a.k.a. biosynthetic pathways: consume energy to build complicated molecules from simpler ones 1. Synthesis of a protein from amino acids 4. Catabolic and anabolic pathways can work together 1. Energy from catabolic reactions can be stored and be used to fuel anabolic reactions 3. Forms of Energy 1. Energy: the capacity to cause change 2. Kinetic energy: energy associated with the relative motion of objects 1. Heat/thermal energy: kinetic energy associated with the random movement of atoms/molecules 3. Potential energy: energy that matter possesses because of its location or structure 1. Chemical energy: potential energy available for release in a chemical
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Lecture 8 Notes - BIO 202 Notes Lecture 8 Energy in biology...

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