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Question Set 1 1. What is a fat and how is it made? Draw a fatty acid. What makes it hydrophobic? Fat-a biological compound consisting of three fatty acids linked to one glycerol molecule. They are assembled from smaller molecules by dehydration reactions. They are composed of glycerol, an alcohol with three carbons, and fatty acids, a long carbon chain carboxyl acid. Its molecular structure, consisting of many hydrocarbons, makes it hydrophobic. 2. Why are fats the best way for animals to store energy? Because they have to carry their energy stores with them and having a compact source of energy, such as fat, is the best way to store this energy. The hydrocarbon chains of fats are very rich in energy. 3. How do animal and plant fats differ? Plants are for the most part immobile, so they can function on starch, a type of polysaccharide and a bulky way to store energy. Animals are always on the move and can’t have this bulky energy storage so their
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