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WRT 07.02.27 Analytical Paper Draft

WRT 07.02.27 Analytical Paper Draft - Sarah Song WRT 102.37...

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Sarah Song WRT 102.37 T. Slankard February 27, 2007 Analytical Essay Draft: “Under the Influence” by Scott Russell Sanders In “Under the Influence,” Scott Russell Sanders delves into his memories in order to try to understand his father’s addiction because through this analysis, he might come to understand his own character, and his own addictions. Sanders uses very raw, blunt language to recount his memories, which is something he had never before been able, or allowed, to do. Yet, he needs something to soften the blow for himself. Sanders draws from his knowledge to pack the text with metaphors, which also serve as a device to make his words come alive to an audience who may not be familiar with his childhood situation. Close to the beginning of the passage, he gives a list of synonyms for drunk : “tipsy, tight, pickled, soused, and plowed…” We use these words as euphemisms because we are uncomfortable with being candid. Similarly, Sanders uses metaphors because it is still hard for him to talk about something that he and his family kept secret for so long. Growing up as the son of a drunk was a very confusing and difficult situation for Sanders. He had to constantly see his “father’s mutation from sober to drunk.” However, there were no solutions given. Alcoholism was just “heavy drinking,” which Sanders’ mother accepted at first because a lot of men were heavy drinkers. For suffering families, there were no Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, only the condemning church. Fearful tales of drunks being punished would scare any child who sees his father drinking the infamous poison. This only helped to make a sad situation into a torrid secret. The
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