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PN_89-2.jpg - fl Thrombotic l‘l'erl Cerebral Iirornbosi...

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Unformatted text preview: fl. Thrombotic l‘l'erl. Cerebral Iirornbosi: B Emboii: strut-m. An emboiu: i: a bio-act dot c Hemorrhagic strut-ca. A but“ blood vessel il a ramming of line arteryl by flatly deposit: or other detril circutaling in the bland. W'i'ben may allow blood It) seep ink) and don-age culled phque. Ptuque can come a clot k) fun“, it reaches an artery in the brain hat is too brain tissues unlit dotting shut! oFtthe leak. which Hodu he passage attained throud-i ml‘l'm'a' to pass thud-I, it twigs: them and lheartery. bbdufietiawotbkmd. ...
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