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Question Set 2 - Question Set 2 1 What are the two kinds of...

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Question Set 2 1. What are the two kinds of cloning we discussed –briefly, methods and uses? Therapeutic cloning-take an adult nucleus and put it in a female egg, take the stem cells from this egg and inject them into a diseased patient, the body will then not reject these cells because it is from its own DNA. This other kind of cloning has been tried on different animals but not humans-take the nucleus out of a cell, take the nucleus out of the mom’s egg, put the dad’s nucleus into the egg of the mom, electrically zap it to start cell division, and the result produces a clone of the dad, and no traits from the mom. 2. What is a major problem with each kind of cloning, either biological or ethical? Therapeutic-some people believe that using the extra egg to inject the adult nucleus into is unethical because it is a potential life form. With the other kind the product of this cloning process tend to age faster and die a
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