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Che 131 Chapter 4: Quantities of Reactants and Products Lecture 28: Chemical Equations Reading 4.1-4.3 I. 4.2 Patterns of Chemical Reactions A. Combination Reactions 1. X + Z XZ B. Decomposition Reactions 1. XZ X + Z C. Displacement Reactions 1. A + XZ AZ + X D. Exchange Reactions 1. AD +XZ AZ + XD Lecture 30: Limiting Reactants; Yield; Empirical Formulas Reading 4.3-4.7 II. 4.5 Reactions with One Reactant in Limited Supply A. Limiting reactant : the reactant that is completely converted to products during a reaction III. 4.6 Evaluating the Success of a Synthesis: Percent Yield A. Theoretical yield : max possible quantity of product B. Actual yield
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Unformatted text preview: : the quantity of desired product actually obtained C. Percent yield : efficiency D. Atom Economy—Another Approach to Tracing Starting Materials 1. atom economy : focuses on the amounts of starting materials that are incorporated into the desired final product rather than simply on percent yield 2. IV. 4.7 Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas A. Combustion analysis : a compound is burned in oxygen, which converts the Carbon to CO 2 and the Hydrogen to H 2 O Percent atom economy = atomic weight of atoms in the useful product atomic weight of all reactants used in the reaction...
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