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Urban-rural differences in China In the rural parts of china, there are about 800 million people living there. One child is accepted by the urban residents In rural china, there are 17 births per 1000 residents Compared to four or five in the city Urban china is much more polluted Beijing air has more carbon monoxide than LA and Tokyo combined Rural cities are for peasants, and while they try to move to the city for a better life, they lack identities, or urban rights Which include legal status and accompanying access to jobs, education, health services, insurance and social welfare benefits. Average Rural income stats at $317 The gap between urban and rural income is 3:1 Central government looking for land reform to balance out the quality of rural life Rural farmers don’t have the perks of urban jobs like social security Eastern urbanites explain to Western visitors that the rural people are of low quality and say they feel less in common with them than they do with foreigners
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