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Snickers: Achieving Promotional Integration with a Universal AppealHunger Snickers satisfies. A long running brand concept that in the hands of Mars is both consistent and flexible. Even better, it serves as a powerful emotional anchor for a truly integrated campaign. How does Snickers do it? The concept is based on a powerful emotional connection - people get cranky and out of sorts when they’re hungry. This led to the development of “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Campaign is a strong platform that works across online (all types including social and microsite as well as the TV ads on youtube), print, outdoor, and TV. It also works across demographics. The concept is true for everyone. The base level need hunger need (Maslow) is one everyone can relate to. It also works across cultures and has achieved international success. In short, the campaign works. Snickers was losing share, now it’s on top. Many of the ads have won awards/gone viral. Discussion Questions 14-18 Which promotional mix elements does Snickers use?
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