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Social Problems – Chapter 1 Pg. 4 – Marc and Marque-Luisa created “The Index of Social Health” – measures sixteen major social problems in United States -in general, trend is down, our problems are worsening pg. 6 – Deviance causes social problems. Deviance occurs due to obstacles some people face in achieving societal goals. Subjective nature of social problems – example: some people think abortion is a problem, others do not Do social systems or abnormal (deviant) individuals cause social problems? A social problem is only that if its effect is widespread Pg. 7 – Region, occupation, race, and age affect perceptions of social “problems” (according to opinion) and how to solve them Personal values ALWAYS affect social research – example: what to question? And what the answer is Pluralistic society – in notes for 7/11/007 Pg. 8 – Always analyze and question so as to avoid manipulation by the ones in control – example: ones in control provide statistical data, one must question the way the data is
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Unformatted text preview: presented, etc. Pg. 9 – Social problems cannot be defined by public opinion, then blame is placed 100% on individuals and the social system is not questioned. Institutions, the powerful, do create problems, and therefore must be examined as sources of social problems and “wrong” policies There are 2 main types of social problems – 1 – acts and conditions that violate the norms and values present in society; 2 – societally induced conditions that cause psychic and material suffering for any segment of the population, including minorities There are discrepancies between social standards and reality – example: everyone wants to be rich, everyone can’t be rich; these discrepancies must be considered when examining problems from a social standard/public opinion view point. Pg. 10 – Deviants (abnormal people) exist due to the effects of social problems....
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