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Virginia Tech memorial

Virginia Tech memorial - Virginia Tech Memorial Tuesday...

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Virginia Tech Memorial Tuesday, September 3, 2007 Jennifer Warren If any recent occurrence in the United States deserves a memorial, the one that stands out in my mind is the tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech. Thirty-two utterly innocent individuals died. This massacre was the largest in United States history, and undoubtedly deserves a memorial. The college students that died for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time deserve a form that stands in their memory. The form of a possible memorial honoring the Virginia Tech students is a statue of a phoenix surrounded by a fountain with thirty-two spouts of water rising from the pool below it. The phoenix figure is comprised of dark marble, and the phoenix is positioned with its wings spread as if about to take flight. The thirty-two spouts of water will be rising from the pool in a circle around the figure of the phoenix. The media of the figure withholding the pool of water is also comprised of dark marble, so the water of the pool is dark, not like normal swimming pool water.
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