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midterm 2 studyguide - Astronomy Midterm#2 Chapters...

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Astronomy Midterm #2 Chapters 4- Chapter 4: Spectroscopy 4.1 – Spectral Lines -vital step in analyzing electromagnetic radiation received from space in order to obtain information about distant objects – the formation of a spectrum – a splitting of the incoming radiation into its component wavelengths - spectroscope – instrument used to analyze radiation -consists of an opaque barrier w/ a slit in it (to define a beam of light), a prism (to split the beam into its component colors), and an eyepiece or screen (to allow the user to view the resulting spectrum) - spectographs and spectrometers – more complex -consist of a telescope (to capture the radiation), a dispersing device (to spread the radiation out into a spectrum), and a detector (to record the result) -effect is to split a beam of light into its component colors - continuous spectra – when the light shows the familiar rainbow of colors, from red to violet, w/out interruption -ex: light bulb – emits radiation at all wavelengths (mostly in visible range), w/ an intensity distribution that is well described by the blackbody curve corresponding to bulb’s temperature -viewed through a spectroscope, spectrum of light of bulb would show rainbow of colors w/out interruption -not all spectra are continuous - emission lines – thin “slices” of the continuous spectrum -black background represents the wavelengths not emitted by hydrogen -provide one-of-a-kind fingerprint of the substance under investigation -could detect the presence of a particular atom or molecule solely through the study of the light it emits - emission spectrum of a gas – the particular pattern of light emitted by a gas of a
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midterm 2 studyguide - Astronomy Midterm#2 Chapters...

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