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Allstate - their families And alongside Allstate’s “Are...

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Garrett Sanders RTF 305 Kanaan Section 19 November 5, 2007 That’s Allstate’s Stand Allstate auto insurance ads are some of the most effective and thought provoking commercials in the media today. The company strategically hired Dennis Haysbert as their official spokesman. Haysbert is an actor known for his deep voice and strong stature. During each commercial some type of car accident is shown with Dennis Haysbert stepping into the foreground explaining to the audience that accidents happen and ends the commercial with the very intimidating question “Are you in good hands?” Most commercials are either hard sell or soft sell, but Allstate’s ads fall somewhere in the middle. The commercial is definitely hard sell material due to the fact that the entire ad has to do with car accidents and having adequate car insurance to take care of the cost. But the commercials also appeal to the audience’s emotional side by making them question if they are truly doing their best to take care of themselves and
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Unformatted text preview: their families. And alongside Allstate’s “Are you in good hands?” comment, they also have a common theme of making a statement such as “Rewarding safe drivers, that’s Allstate’s stand,” once again making a definitive statement about their policies and commitments. Allstate’s goal for using these methods of advertising are to persuade the consumer to choose their company for car insurance based on the fact that not only is their coverage better, but it also makes the consumer question if competitors are truly capable of taking care of their insurance needs. The commercial’s compelling and dramatic images combined with the strong appearance of Dennis Haysbert give the consumer a sense of security and trust. The commercial invokes a sense a trustworthiness in the company and the service it provides helping Allstate bring in customers searching for “good hands”. Reference Page Allstate Insurance Commercial Media Now , Straubahr and LaRose, 2008 Thomson Wadswoth...
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Allstate - their families And alongside Allstate’s “Are...

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