Feminism - Garrett Sanders Gcs375 RTF 305 Mr Kanaan Section...

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Garrett Sanders Gcs375 RTF 305 Mr. Kanaan Section 19 October 13, 2007 Fair and Balanced? Throughout the twentieth century women in the media have been depicted differently than that of their male counterparts. Some would argue that this is due to the fact that there are differences in men and women, thus what is seen by the audience is in fact a true depiction of the real world. But the basis the argument is not on genetic differences but how media places roles on women, which, over time, become to seem natural to the public, even to women themselves (Johnston). Women’s roles in movies and other media entertainment should not be carbon copies of past representations. Each person, regardless of gender, has something different to bring to the table and women have not been given the freedom to define themselves. Women have identities forced upon them throughout history and though times have changed and women’s rights have increased, the feminine stereotype is still very much prevalent in today’s society. In the 1950’s popular game show Queen for a Day, the role placed on women is that they are to always make decisions, which will benefit the family as a whole. During the show each contestant is asked what she would like to have as her prize if she is
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Feminism - Garrett Sanders Gcs375 RTF 305 Mr Kanaan Section...

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