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Unformatted text preview: September 4, 2008 ANS 215 Homework #1 1. Chromosome replication occurs. #1 I n te rphase Replicated chromosomes begin to condense and become visible under the microscope.--#2 P rophase The migration of the daughter chromosomes to the two poles is complete.--#3 P rometaphase Chromosomes become aligned along the equatorial plane of the cell.--#4 Metaphase Sister chromatids begin to separate and migrate toward opposite poles of the cell.--#5 Anaphase The cytoplasm divides and the cell contents are separated into two separate cells.--#6 Telophase 2. Meiosis has a greater significance in the study of heredity. Crossing over in meiosis leads to genetic variation. Also, meiosis determines which genes are passed to offspring. 3. B. 4. Crossing over and random distribution are the two processes responsible for genetic variation unique to meiosis. Crossing over takes place during the pachytene phase of Prophase I. Random distribution of chromosomes takes place during Anaphase I. 5. M i tosis-24 Prophase I of Meiosis-12 ...
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