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Oroonoko Paper - Dr. Linker ENG 251Section 003 October 10,...

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Dr. Linker ENG 251—Section 003 October 10, 2007 Journey Theme in Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave is the account of an African prince’s literal journey from Africa to Surinam. In addition to this literal journey, Behn also presents the prince’s figurative journey into the realization that not all people have his high level of honor. The prince, Oroonoko, first realizes that not all are as honorable as he when he is in his own nation. His grandfather sends the royal veil to Oroonoko’s wife, Imoinda, taking her with the complete knowledge that Oroonoko and Imoinda are fully in love with each other. His grandfather commits a dishonorable act by using his authority as king to take Oroonoko’s wife without retribution, and as far as Behn shows us, this is the first time that anybody has acted in a dishonorable way towards Oroonoko. His servants and everybody around him maintain their honor even to the point where Aboan will betray the King to help Oroonoko (940) and his grandfather’s men are afraid to attack Oroonoko when sent to apprehend him at Imoinda’s apartment (941). Oroonoko is next betrayed on his figurative journey of realization and literal journey along the Middle Passage when the ship’s captain captures him as a slave. He has trusted the captain and the captain “had often before been in these countries and was very well known to Oroonoko, with whom he had trafficked for slaves, and had used to do the same with his
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Oroonoko Paper - Dr. Linker ENG 251Section 003 October 10,...

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