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Hillary Clinton - Garrett Sanders Gcs375 J 310 Hillary...

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Garrett Sanders Gcs375 J 310 November 13, 2007 Hillary Clinton’s Femininity in Question A current issue concerning the perception of females in the United States of America is the media treatment of Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign thus far. One of the most recent cases dealing with Hillary Clinton is the “Clinton Cleavage Controversy”. While giving a speech during the month of July, Mrs. Clinton was criticized for a blouse she wore which seemed to show too much cleavage. Clinton was accused of trying to look “sexier” to her voters and lacking professionalism. Clinton supporters are in deed enraged by the focus on their candidate’s breasts rather that what she has to say. This brings up an important journalistic issue for political reporters. This in fact is a very enticing story for readers, but it does seem to get away from the true purpose of covering presidential candidates. Though some would argue that this was indeed a shameful act by Hillary Clinton and it is the press’ job to hold her accountable. But this brings about the question, “Why does her appearance matter?” History shows that male presidential candidates perceived mostly on their political platform and far less on their physical appearance. But a
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Hillary Clinton - Garrett Sanders Gcs375 J 310 Hillary...

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