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Analysis of an Advertisement - February 21, 2008 ENG...

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February 21, 2008 ENG 101-Section 097 Analysis of a Budweiser Advertisement The Jack Solomon article “Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising” states that there are two sides to the American dream: equal opportunity for everyone and everybody can rise above the crowd (401-402). He also uses the argument that advertisers use symbols and ploys to entice the viewer into purchasing a product.The ad in focus is a Budweiser ad featuring a Clydesdale horse being trained in the manner of Rocky Balboa to become a Budweiser horse. In this Budweiser advertisement, Solomon’s ideas about the dual nature of the American dream and the exploitive nature of advertisers can be examined. The basic motive of the Budweiser advertiser’s is to get people to buy their product. Money is the motive for all advertiser’s, according to Solomon (402). So there are many ways that Budweiser tries to appeal to the consumer. The symbol of the underhorse rising to the top is an exploitation of the American dream to rise to the top. But the dream Hank, the horse, is striving for is to become a part of the Budweiser hitch team. Hank’s desire mirrors the two-faced nature of the American dream. He wants to achieve greatness, andthe greatness he seeks is to become a status symbol. Solomon states, “American companies manufacture status symbols because American consumers want them,” (403). He becomes a Budweiser hitch team horse, which is the horse way of belonging to an elite country club. The commercial begins with the horse, Hank, being rejected from the
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Analysis of an Advertisement - February 21, 2008 ENG...

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