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research proposal - A Research Proposal on the Guidelines...

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March 27, 2008 A Research Proposal on the Guidelines of Using Animal and Human Hybrids The purpose of this research proposal is to examine the ethical implications of using human and animal hybrids in medical research and to determine the scientific basisfor guidelines to control the hybrids. There are no guidelines set in place at this time to control the development of such hybrids, and not much attention has been brought to the creation and use of these hybrids, dubbed chimeras, but some countries have developed legislation to control these hybrids (Mott, 2005). Chimeras were once the stuff of fairy tales and legends. In mythology, a chimera was a monster that had a serpent’s tail, a goat’s body, and a lion’s head. More recently, scientists have termed the organism that results from a blending of two or more species a chimera. Researchers have begun to create animals with human blood and human brains and other human parts.While it is now common for humans to receive animal body parts such as pig and cow heart valves, there are no regulations concerning animals receiving human body parts (Mott, 2005). I have significant interest in this topic because I feel that human and animal hybrids will play a large role in the veterinary and medical fields in the future. It is my wish to become a veterinarian, so it follows that I should be interested in a topic that will probably be a major part of career. I also wish to study human/animal hybrids to see what ethical arguments and standards scientists and statesmen have suggested on the topic. I would like to study the standards that politicians would make into law concerning the hybrids and how these policies differ from the valid concerns of the scientists. However, I have no prior experience in any kind of lab research or anything to do with this topic. I
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research proposal - A Research Proposal on the Guidelines...

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