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History Lecture 4 - History Lecture 4/10/08 The French...

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History Lecture 4/10/08 The French Revolution: The Guillotine and the Terror Guillotine as the instrument of the Enlightment - quintessential tool of Enlightment - represents humanity (zero-degree torture compared to barbaric acts prior to it) o human to all participants: person killed, spectators, executioner - equality gullotine’s proposal for penal reform - rationality Guillotin’s Proposal for Penal Reform Article 1. Crimes of the same kind shall be punished by the same kinds of punishment, whatever the rank or estate of the criminal. Article 6. The method of punishment shall be the same for all persons on whom the law shall pronounce a sentence of death, whatever the crime of which they are guilty. The criminal shall be decapitated. Decapitation is to be effected by a simple mechanism. *equality btw classes Monsieur Guillotin’s impassioned speech - painless - see quote Rationality - Cost- Effective and efficient: cf. Damiens’ execution - Revolutionary leaders abhorred mob violence - guillotine represented Enlightment ideals France at war: Foreign and Domestic - French Legislative Assembly declares war against Austria, April 1792
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History Lecture 4 - History Lecture 4/10/08 The French...

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